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Property searches

When you buy a property you need to satisfy yourself about anything that may affect it.

Organisations that are often approached tend to have standard forms of questions (called "searches") which they will answer for a fee. We offer a full range of property searches but you need to decide for yourself whether the information you are seeking is worth the expense. Some searches cost a few pounds. Others cost many hundreds of pounds. There are over 50 different searches available.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to decide what searches he wants and to pay for them. Since most buyers rely on mortgage funds to assist their purchase they must also consider what legal searches their lender will require.

The most common legal search and one that is usually required by lenders is often called the "local search". In its strictest form it is merely a search of the local land charges registered against a property at the local authority. This can cover financial and non-financial things which will not normally be disclosed merely by looking at the deeds or inspecting a property but which will be binding on a purchaser even if they do not know about them. Commonly the term "local search" is used to also cover more general enquiries of the local authority but this still only covers things specific to the property being searched. It is not a search of the local area. It may be better described as a local authority search.

As part of our service with a property purchase we will arrange a local search (both local land charges and other standard enquiries of the local authority), an environmental search and a Land Registry search. If you are obtaining mortgage finance to assist your purchase we will also usually carry out a bankruptcy search against your name on behalf of the lender. We will not generally organise other legal searches unless you specifically request them and provide us with the additional funds needed to pay for them.

On a purchase we charge a fixed fee of £200 to cover the cost of organising and obtaining the local search and environmental search.

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