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Land Registry registration fees

The Land Registry charges for registering a purchase or mortgage are based on the value of the transaction. This is usually the price paid or mortgage advance received but there are many situations in which the price or figure in the paperwork is not the "value" for assessing the Land Registry fee. For example, when a property is transferred by way of gift it is the market value of the property that matters.

Leases cause particular difficulties. Commercial leases may be granted for a low premium (price) but at a high annual rent. Residential long leases are usually sold at a high price but with a low or nominal annual rent. There are special rules to assess the value of a new lease for Land Registry purposes but typically this amounts to adding the price and annual rent together. For example, on the grant of a new 125 year lease for £99,950 at a fixed rent of £100 pa the value is taken to be £100,050 leading to a fee of £190. The subsequent purchase of the same lease at £99,950 will attract a fee of just £80 because it is not the creation of a new lease and the rent is ignored.

The main Land Registry scale charges for purchases are set out below. There is usually no extra fee for a mortgage registered at the same time as a purchase.

Value or amount Fee
up to £80,000 £40
£80,001-£100,000 £80
£100,001-£200,000 £190
£200,001-£500,000 £270
£500,001-£1,000,000 £540
£1,000,001 and over £910

For details of the Land Registry charges for less straightforward transactions please either contact us or follow the Land Registry fees link on our Links page.

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