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Land Registry minor charges

The Land Registry impose small charges (typically between £2 and £12) for each copy document, land search, bankruptcy search and so on. Different charges may apply depending on the method of delivery of the service. Typically electronic requests are less expensive than postal requests. The charges are also cumulative - so a copy of the register, title plan and one document on the title will typically lead to three separate charges.

The precise costs incurred at the Land Registry on each transaction are so small that if we identify every one and allocate it to the appropriate transaction our administrative costs can amount to more than the Land Registry fees involved.

To maintain our efficient and cost effective service we charge a fixed sum of £15 plus VAT on each purchase and each freehold sale to broadly reflect the minor Land Registry fees and costs incurred on the average sale and average purchase. For a leasehold sale or a remortgage the corresponding charge is £30 plus VAT.

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