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If you want us to act for you we ask that you fill in and return to us our client instructions form.  Click here for a client instructions form.  This can be returned to us through e-mail, fax or post.

We will need a payment on account of expenses.  On a freehold sale this will usually be a charge of just £18.  On a purchase we ask for an initial payment of £200 to cover the cost of us organising legal searches.  We will confirm the payment relevant to your transaction once we have your instructions form and know what work you want us to do.

We must also take steps to verify your identity to comply with current UK government requirements.  The arrangements needed to satisfy the government requirements differ depending on whether you are local to our offices and can call in with your identity documents or if we are purely dealing with you through post and email.  We will confirm precisely what we need from you as soon as we are aware that you want us to act for you.

All work we do is carried out in accordance with our terms and conditions of business.

Click here for our terms and conditions of business

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